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Production of industrial and commercial films

Show power and accuracy in production and industry by making industrial film
Enhance your organization’s brand identity by making promotional videos

Production of industrial films with *NYFA quality standards in specialized studios of leading economy

Industrial and advertising video and film is the most powerful medium to show your power and accuracy in production. Coherent and creative film and video content creates engagement, increases brand visibility, sales opportunities and talent attraction.

We tell the story of your brand and organization by making one (or more) attractive films and we make sure that it is creative, purposeful, meaningful and powerful in all moments. Good content attracts attention. Great content captures the imagination.

Production of advertising and industrial teasers

Make some noise by making a promotional teaser!
Production of industrial films with *NYFA quality standards in Nexinel
Whether it’s a short and compact video content or a full-fledged advertisement and teaser! Whether it is for use in social networks or for TV broadcasting! Everything starts here.
We help you in Nexinel to have the best promotional videos and teasers to introduce your services and products.


Industrial and advertising photography of industrial environments and construction projects Photography

Sometimes, to include your products in catalogs or online stores, you need to photograph products with a white or black background. Sometimes you need to have very attractive and high-quality photos of your factory or organization. In all these cases, we will be by your side in Nexinel.

Production of educational films and videos for organizations Production of online training courses

We at Nexinel help you to produce the best educational videos and provide them to your audience.

Making an educational video or preparing an online training course is a new strategy for companies and organizations to train employees.

It doesn’t matter if you are a teacher of the stock market and capital market who intends to prepare your training courses and sell them online, or an industrial organization and company that needs to prepare standard training videos to train its new employees and teams.

In any case, you need an experienced video production team that will prepare the educational video courses you want in the fastest time and in the best quality. Nexinel will be your partner in this exciting path.

NYFA: New York Film Academy – *

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